Lazy, Cloudy Sunday

the view from my bed


Ok, so before I start…

…yes I took that picture today

…yes those are Christmas lights

…yes they are on

…yes, I am that kind of goofy & have a hubby who not only lives with Christmas lights on all year long in the bedroom, but he is the one who put them up for me and makes sure to change bulbs when they blow out. {In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a tiny bit spoiled!}

So this morning, it was all drab & grey outside…which is why I took the first picture – to show you how dark it was this morning, because as you can see from the bottom picture, my bedroom is really bright normally. Since I have mobility issues, my bedroom is where I am most of the time. We live in the country and our house is set back just a little bit which puts us surrounded by nature. Which I totally love! My blinds are almost always opened so I can see birds and squirrels frolic in the front yard because of the pecan trees…or the deer or foxes from the woods. It’s very “Little House on the Prairie”.  So the other day I was so excited to look out one of the windows and see my “Deannie flowers” all pink and pretty. {A friend of mine, named Deannie, brought me a whole bunch of bulbs of these gorgeous pink flowers because my favorite color is pink and she had them growing literally like weeds in her yard…mainly because they are a weed of some sort. But I digress…I call them my Deannie flowers because she brought them to me and I don’t know their real name.}

Ok, so this morning when it was all drab and sad looking outside I wanted something spring inspired. So I decided to make a sunflower inspired set of coasters today. I’m kind of proud of how they turned out…what do you think?


crochet flower coaster


my cheetah acrylic cup


I love comments!

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