It’s Monday

you never know

I love the Gorjuss dolls. I would say that I use them in about 95% of all tags that I make. I fell in love with Suzanne Woolcott the second I saw a tag made with one of her tubes. It was actually what got me into making tags. I became friends with a chick that made them for people to use as MySpace profile pics and wall decorations.

I don’t know if it was because I was already sick, and Ms. Woolcott is a fellow sickie, or it they would have spoken to me regardless. But I always seem to make a tag with one of her tubes on the days that I am feeling not so much on the good side.

And thanks to this Lupus flare that I’m in right now, this weekend was rough. So rough that Prince Charming had to stay home with me today. I hate flares like this…where I can’t move without crying. I have to fight to breath because the pleurisy is making it damn near impossible to take a good breath.

But, there is something about making a tag…or crocheting something…that just, for lack of a better word, helps. It’s like I can put all of my focus and attention on just making something pretty…and Lupus can almost be forgotten. So today, I am working on both. I did a couple tags and now I am working on a hat that I hope I will be able to share with you this afternoon.

What is your distraction on a bad day?

Gorjuss Easter


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