“E” is for Enough Already

 Yesterday, with half a pack of cigarettes left, I decided I was going to quit smoking. And by my birthday, at the end of this month, go somewhere that is totally smoke free and not leave because I need a cigarette. I’ve learned that waiting until I finish a pack isn’t good because if I slip up, I have to go buy a whole new pack and then it’s just a waste if I don’t smoke them. So, I’m trying to tackle this feat with a plan, with structure…with a lot of Little Debbie snacks.

And I’m gonna need help! I am going to have to ask that everyone keep their stupid away from me, at least for a week or two. After that you can use “your” instead of “you’re” all you want and never capitalize “I” when you talk about how what you want out of life. Because I’m betting, and I could be wrong, that a jury wouldn’t convict.

Today’s post brought to you by the letter:

Day "E"


8 responses to ““E” is for Enough Already

    • I planned for it about 3 months ahead of time. I cleaned my house of all the smoking apparatus and then I first quit smoking in my car. That was the hardest by far. I got a brand new car and I didn’t want it smoked up. Then I quit in the house. Then I quit at work. Every time I wanted a ciggy I had to walk around the block before I smoked it. I often was too short of breath when I got back to smoke. And I ‘smoked’ straws. Cut them to the size of ciggys just so I could ‘pretend’ smoke…..

      • Paula you are a genius! Thank you so much! I am so cutting up some straws. I love the taper down effect, I think I may have to try that. I can make a point of not smoking in my bedroom. I have to use a walker inside my house, so it’s not really easy for me to jump up and go to the living room or den. Awesome tips!!!

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