“G” is for Glitter

 photo somegirlsarejust_zps7efdf890.gif

One of the reasons that I love glitter so much…and when I say love glitter, I mean I LOVE glitter…is because you don’t have to put a huge spotlight on glitter. It manages to sparkle beautifully in the absolute smallest of lights. I literally give glitter hugs…mainly because I glitterize almost everything I own, I always have it on me & that means that you get all 2nd hand glitterized. lol

I feel like I’m kind of phoning this one in, but I am just not feeling well today. So, I’m gonna end it here and I promise to come back and give this post the justice it deserves.

Today’s post brought to you by the letter:

Day "G"


6 responses to ““G” is for Glitter

  1. My sister would love to hug you just to get glitterized. She’s obsessed with the sparklies I hope you feel better

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