“H” is for Happiness

cheerful & happy

I don’t know if that quote is about happiness, imagination, love, hope, or a quiet place. I know that I’ve always believed it to be about happiness. Because for me, happiness is a journey. One that you have to want to go on, one that you have to take without a map or directions from anyone else. Happiness doesn’t just happen…it’s wonderful & messy & scary & beautiful, and you have to make it happen.

I am one of those people who believe that the definition of happiness is unique to everyone. We all know that one person who has to be happy with being unhappy, because they keep themselves in that place of a miserable existence. I actually don’t know that person personally, but I do know her daughter whose happiness hit an all time high the day she signed the nursing home admission forms…and she doesn’t even pretend that she wasn’t smiling when she signed them.

But that kind of proves my point…literally, to each their own. {I personally have had my father’s future nursing home picked out since I was 16…and if an occasional brochure for it was found in his recliner, well I don’t know how that happened. Don’t feel too bad for him though. He got a lot happiness out of grounding me for saying, “Gee, I don’t know Daddy…if no other lame ass parent ever said that, would you?!” in response to him asking if all of my friends jumped off a bridge, would I do it too.}

I know people who think diamonds and gold are happiness. I know people who believe success is happiness. I know people who think happiness is what greets them at their front door.  I know people who think happiness is card that has no other purpose but to say “It’s Wednesday & I love you”. I think that as long as your happiness is not at the expense of someone else, be as happy as you can possibly be each and every day.

Happiness to me is a candle light dinner from Domino’s. It’s a late night picnic at the lake when all you can hear are crickets & frogs.  It’s holding PJ’s hand in the car. It’s a two dollar stuffed animal laying next to you in bed when you wake up. To me, happiness is the first time the windows are opened in the spring and the smell of honeysuckle floats into the house. It’s control of the remote control & scrambled eggs made with vanilla, it’s sitting on the first base side of a Red Sox/Rangers game decked out in Red Sox gear and watching PJ slink into his seat because Papi’s hit a home run and he’s wanting to distance himself from the happy dance I’m doing. It’s sitting third base side of a Red Sox/Rangers game where he’s decked out in Rangers gear and he’s trying to slink into his seat because Papi hit a home run, I’m surrounded by fellow Red Sox fans, and my happy dance involves pointing & laughing. It’s knowing that every year PJ is going to bring home a chocolate cake for my b’day because he always forgets that I hate chocolate cake. It’s the entire cake shaped brick that he ate because it was my first attempt at a homemade chocolate cake because he loves chocolate cake. To me, happiness is knowing that I’m crazy, knowing that PJ knows I’m crazy, and knowing that my heart is safe & accepted just the way it is.

What does happiness mean to you?

Today’s post brought to you by the letter:

Day "H"


4 responses to ““H” is for Happiness

  1. I believe you have to choose happiness and pursue it. There are so many challenges to your happiness every day and overcoming them is a choice.

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