“R” is for Really Bad Day

hope is the-border

You may have been able to tell that the last week or so has been kinda rough on me. Yesterday was so bad that PJ had to stay home. I woke up with this really horrible pain, that would sometimes come on so strong and so quickly that I would immediately throw up. Well, after a couple of hours it backed down enough for me to get some rest. Then last night it hit again. I was so exhausted that I literally could barely hold my head up.

After a couple more hours, I finally gave in and went to the ER this morning. I was admitted and will be having my gallbladder removed on Monday. So Monday’s post will most likely be about surgery. lol

While I am no stranger to operations…I was born with a hole in my heart, so I’m kinda an old pro at them really…they aren’t easy to prepare for. Tomorrow will most likely be trashy magazines, chick flicks & a mani/pedi in my hospital bed.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Today’s post brought to you by the letter:

Day "R"


14 responses to ““R” is for Really Bad Day

  1. I’d say that qualifies as a REALLY bad day. 😦 I have no suggestions for you… but I may use you as my go to when I (inevitably) have to have surgery on my hands/elbows. *sigh* Hope everything goes well.

    • That’s really good!

      I’ve been dealing with the attacks for like a year or so, but didn’t have a clue that was anything more than just issues that arise due to Lupus. I’ve been wondering all weekend if I could have prevented it from getting like this had I not assumed what it was & had it checked out sooner.

  2. I hope all goes well! Just stock up on the best chick flicks and have a pen ready for when you read the trashy magazines for filling in your own commentary haha. You’ll be in my thoughts throughout the day of course. 🙂 ❤

  3. I’ve heard of quite a few people having to have this surgery. It seems so funny to me that we have these organs in our body to begin with if they can be removed. I hope you are recovering well. 🙂 Happy thoughts and well wishes.

    • Thank you ma’am! I am going home in the morning *fingers crossed*! There’s nothing to suggest that I’m not. Just knowing that has helped a lot!

      It does seem to be the surgery “going around”, doesn’t it?!

      From what I can tell, your gallbladder is a lot like your tonsils…easily removed & a bitch when pissed off. lol

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