About Me


Married to my real life Prince Charming-PJ {a nickname…not trying to “catfish” anyone}, Mommy to angels waiting on us. I’ve got fur babies, I’ve got stuffed animals, I’ve got a warped sense of humor, I’ve got Lupus…but more importantly, I’ve got & am surrounded by love! Did I mention I’ve got freckles & a pink tiara?! ‘Cause I do!

I have just a tiny addiction to Gorjuss dolls from Suzanne Woolcott, shoes, make up, nail polish, glitter, the color pink & blinkies! I’m pierced, I’m tattooed, I’m loud, I’m opinionated, I’m unapologetic for being me.

I’ve got a bigger selection of Winnie the Pooh products than most Disney Stores. I love Christmas lights so much that I have them hanging in my bedroom and turned on always. I sleep with the TV on. I have an unhealthy addiction to gummy bears and pixie sticks. I love all things pink, trust me…it’s worth mentioning again. I burn candles when I’m alone. I know “Ted” & “The Wizard of Oz” by heart. I love to make tags and crochet.

Oh, I’m also very spoiled! And I rarely take myself too seriously. You’ll either love me or hate me…there’s not a whole lot in between, I’m kind of like Snooki that way.

the Fish Hatchery(Me at the Fish Hatchery on our last trip before I had to start using my chair. I love that picture. lol)


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