Put On Purple Pledge 2013


As you know, I have Lupus. And you may know that May is Lupus Awareness Month. The past couple of years, PJ, his co-workers & I have taken part in Put On Purple for Lupus Awareness.

This is so dear to my heart. I would love for everyone to leave a comment pledging to wear purple on Friday, May 17th to help raise awareness…and at the end of the month I might have a little “Thank You” surprise, by way of blog badge, profile pic or Facebook cover photo.

I don’t want anyone else to have the memory of sitting in their doctor’s office crying & begging them for help as they try to convince their doctor to believe them. I have that memory, and I start to cry every time I think back on that day. I can still hear the desperation in my voice, I can still hear PJ start to cry with me, and I can still remember wanting to give up in that moment. You have no idea how happy I am that I didn’t, but at that point, my fight was gone. I’m blessed enough to have someone who made me want to fight, but not everyone has that. I don’t want the lack of understanding & awareness of Lupus to take someone else’s fight out of them.

We need more funding for research, we need more sophisticated testing, we need a cure. And the only way to get all that is through raising awareness.


5 responses to “Put On Purple Pledge 2013

  1. I pledge to wear purple on May 17th (sticky note on my computer now)
    I am glad you are still fighting. I will fight with you, for you and in memory of my friend Roxanne!

  2. I feel like your above mirrors myself so much in many ways….only my PJ is named Michael…THANK YOU for fighting!

  3. Thank you for fighting as well! PJ is a nickname I gave him years ago that just stuck. Mainly because I wouldn’t stop calling him that. lol
    I think I’m gonna see about working up a profile pic for everyone who does pledge to use next week.

    I moved over to
    but, if I do work up a profile pic, I’ll let you know so you don’t miss it.

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